Corporate Events

So what are your most important concerns when you're putting together an event for your company, be it a promotional event for outsiders, a company picnic or holiday party or an event for shareholders and board members?

  • That the event adds polish to your company's reputation.
  • That it be brought in at or under budget.
  • That it not unduly stresses those in the company who are responsible for organizing the event.

Any catering company you hire to help with your corporate event should be able to demonstrate a track record of meeting these three criteria. The caterer you choose must:

  • Be able to provide references to put you at ease.
  • Demonstrate that they can work within and respect most any budget.
  • Work with a professionalism that puts your company's reputation first.

At The Pampered Palate we pride ourselves on being able to handle any situation with professional dignity - calm, cool and in control. And we do this without sacrificing our artistic flair or your budget.

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Since 2005, our catering company has been providing premier menus for Charleston weddings. Your special day must be accompanied by great food and more importantly, the menu which you and your spouse want to share with special guests.

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The Holy City loves nothing more than to throw a good party and The Pampered Palate loves catering to those gatherings. Whether you're planning an informal get together with family and friends or a formal fundraiser gala, we have the experience, creativity and the confidence to help make your social event a tremendous success.

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Personal Chef

Our specialty is Private Chef in home catering, dinner parties and providing you and your guests with wonderful food, customized menus and a high level of service. Our Chefs are sure to entertain you and provide you with an unforgettable meal. Whether you’re looking for a chef prepared and served meal or delivery services, The Pampered Palate Personal Chef Service can exceed your expectations.

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